Social Media Marketing – Does it work? You bet it does

January 15, 2008

With Thomas Power’s timely Blog today about Marketers waking up to Social Networks, it’s reassuring and exciting to announce that a project I’ve been working on to help a client use a Social Network (i.e. Ecademy) as a marketing and client engagement tool has been recognised with a nomination at a major awards ceremony for the Recruitment world.

Ian Partington – Managing Director of the online Sales recruitment site, read Power’s article in New Media Age about how Brands can use Social Networks as part of their communication mix.  Ian and I discussed the different ways that he could use Ecademy to add value to his existing customers whilst simultaneously attracting new ones.

So in June last year we set up the Simply Sales Club on Ecademy, and we have just heard that it has been nominated for Most Innovative Online Marketing at the OnRec Awards at the Café Royal on 5th March – the leading awards ceremony for the online recruitment industry ( being the main supplier of global online recruitment news and comment).

In its own small way, this is an important step forward for marketers looking to engage with customers and prospects through Social Networks as we’ve shown that the model can really work.  And guess what?  The Simply Sales Club is growing at around 300 members per week and is one of the largest clubs on Ecademy – a fact not lost on its sponsors who now have a powerful and compelling new medium to offer to it’s advertisers.

So everyone wins: have a vehicle to add value to their customers attract new customers by adding value within Ecademy
Ecademy members get value through an exciting new club
Ecademy gets 300 new members per week
Calvert New Media gets paid to create and run their club
Ecademy members who have products and services for Sales people have a new place to promote themselves
Ecademy, Philip Calvert and all get publicity for the award nomination discover a new income stream by selling advertising in the club

Social Media Marketing – sounds like a good idea to me.