Old media and new media hand in hand

October 18, 2007

Successful Seminar Selling Live! on the 16th November 2007 and 25th January 2008 are now sold out. The first one sold out one and a half months before the date, with the January workshop filling up more than three months in advance.

Kick-start 2008 by learning in one ultra high-content day how to use seminars and workshops as a powerful marketing and brand-building tool. The next event is on Friday 1st February at the Hilton Bracknell. I’ll share exactly what I do to sell-out my events so that you can too.  And yes – you’ll discover how to use social networks and new media as valuable new tools to successfully promote your events.

A full list of benefits is at this link.

See you there…




FastPitch suggested I do this

October 15, 2007

FastPitch suggest my Blog will get greater visibility if I add the links above to my Blog here.  So I have – let’s see what happens.


Never mind new media – here’s some good old fashioned old media

October 5, 2007

Whilst I’m quick to bang on about the importance of integrating the Internet into your marketing activities, it’s refreshing to see how many businesses are increasingly keen to use seminars, workshops and product showcases to raise their profile.

Many business people have been involved in a seminar in some shape or form in the past, but gave up this approach for a variety of different reasons – not least of which was getting bums on seats.  It’s the biggest challenge of all for seminar hosts – but when you know how to get bums on seats, it makes seminars one of the single most powerful tools in your marketing armoury.  When supported by an integrated Internet campaign – including both your website and social networks, then you’re on to a winner. 

But where can you learn more about this stuff?  Where can you find a wealth of tips, tricks and proven techniques to help you plan, prepare, present and profit from a seminar programme?

Here – on the 25th January 2008.  A full-day, ultra high content ‘seminar on seminars’ – where you’ll discover everything you need to start profiting from seminars.  Take a look.