How are you using Social Networks in your business?

The Internet offers exciting opportunities for businesses to discover new customers. 

In fact, online advertising has grown year on year since 2003 and people are spending less time with newspapers, print magazines and radio – and considerably more time online.   Not surprising then, that online advertising is taking a larger share of overall marketing budgets.  Whilst there’s still plenty of room for growth in online advertising spend – differentiating your web marketing is increasingly challenging. 

Creativity is crucial – but that costs money too and is out of reach for many SMEs. And whilst Internet users expect to see advertising while they surf, the very creativity that’s needed (e.g. expanding banners, pop-ups etc) is often intrusive and a big turn-off.  Not surprisingly, advertisers have turned their attention to social networks where growth has been phenomenal.  But here too, consumers are wary of promotional activities – with some showing outright hostility to companies that advertise at them. 

Despite this, social networks offer significant opportunity for companies of all sizes to promote their services.  But for your ‘social network marketing’ to be truly successful, you need to know how to connect, interact and engage with their users.  

Calvert New Media – Experts in Social Network Marketing 

Whether you’re a one-person SME or a multi-national brand, talk to Philip Calvert about how your company can use social network marketing to interact and engage with your target customers.  We work with companies like Reuters, Zopa, Passion for the Planet DAB Digital Radio, and (China’s largest B2B online marketplace) – helping them to use social networks to: 

  • Communicate effectively
  • Build Community around their brand
  • Add value to existing customers
  • Discover new customers 

If you don’t have the budget or are not yet ready to build your own social network, we’ll help you to put a toe in the water by creating a branded online business club or ‘mini social network’ within established forums like Ecademy, Facebook, MySpace and Xing.  We’ll work closely with you to establish your strategy, Blog on your behalf, moderate your forum and build your online club into a powerful and compelling extension of your website.   

We’ll provide you with visitor and activity statistics and help you to create new income streams from your club.  We’ll even give you access to ‘Blog Mining’ experts who can extract hard data, comprehensive statistics and trends from your club so that you maximise the return on your investment.  If finding new clients in social networks excites you, contact us today.   

Through personalised consultancy, interactive seminars, breakout sessions or keynote speeches we can help SMEs and large corporates by: 

  • Revealing how to create profitable new income streams from social networks
  • Helping you to identify social network marketing opportunities
  • Teaching you how to build your reputation and create community around your brand within social networks
  • Teaching you how to create powerful and compelling blogs within social networks
  • Teaching you how to use strategic blogging as a marketing tool
  • Teaching you how to communicate and network effectively within social networks
  • Helping you to create a robust social network marketing strategy
  • Creating and co-running your branded online business club 

Call Philip Calvert on +44 (0)1483 548 666 or +44(0)7773 359 619 or visit Philip’s Ecademy profile page at this link.  Please send emails to philip at


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