Another brand makes a move into Social Networking

Back in April, Chairman of the Ecademy network Thomas Power, posted a Blog on behalf of Nokia asking the question “What would you expect from a Nokia Business Club?”.

I added a response along the lines of wanting to be able to interact and engage directly with Nokia Management and sat back.  I kind of expected a few regular Ecademy bloggers to post a few things about reliability, service, pricing etc, but was pleasantly surprised to see over 170 posts being added – the overwhelming majority of which were articulate, well thought-through, detailed and knowledgable comments about Nokia and the global mobile communications market.

As at today, over 9,500 people have logged in to read the thread.  I would imagine that Nokia would have been extremely pleased with the response – going some way to prove that such ‘strategic blogging’ can be very powerful as a communication and feedback gathering mechanism.

Ironically, I see this week that according to PR newswire, Nokia has acquired Twango.  Twango provides a comprehensive media sharing solution for organising and sharing photos, videos and other personal media.  And by doing so, Nokia will be able to offer people an easy way to share multimedia content through their desktop and mobile devices.  In addition to key assets, through this transaction Nokia is bringing on a seasoned team with strong social media and Web services expertise.

Watch out for more big brands looking to get involved with social networks…



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