How are you using Social Networks in your business?

Once upon a time there was MySpace…

And the rest is history.  Marketers everywhere are scratching their heads wondering how to apply the magic to the business environment.  But they haven’t quite got it right yet.

You see, Community members aren’t really there to be bombarded with advertisements.  And heaven help anyone from a big Brand who ‘pretends’ to be a happy customer of a particular company – they soon get spotted and seen off.

So how can Social Networks be of benefit in the business world?  Until companies start to integrate Social Networking techniques into their service proposition (a subtle difference from advertising in Social networks) –  the easier they will find it to engage with consumers online.   And before they know it, they will be creating Community around their brand.

And the more value they add to that community, the more trust they will build and the more loyal customers will become.  And the more loyal they become, the more friends and business associates they will tell.  And so the wheel turns.

Social Networks are not just a big advertising platform.  They are a tool for adding value.  The more you give, the more you’ll get back.



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