Philip is having a cup of tea whilst networking online

June 30, 2007

When Twitter launched their new service recently, many commentators thought that the ability to continuously update your friends and contacts on what you are doing at any given moment in time, was a step too far in social networking.  Yet, it’s not only been embraced, but is seen by most people as informative, valuable and fun – adding a further layer of immediacy and intimacy to social networking.

It’s amazing how much creative writing can be found in just one sentence – with some great examples being found on Facebook.  Even business people are doing it now at the Ecademy network.  The ‘Current Status’ feature was introduced last night, and after they’ve got through the initial novelty factor, business people on Ecademy will figure out ways to use it as another powerful brand, credibility and trust-building tool.   Love it.

Visit Ecademy here to see what it’s all about.



An astonishing new SMS technology. Trust me, this is awesome

June 27, 2007

An exciting new SMS tool is about to be launched, which will revolutionise the way shops and businesses promote themselves and gather customer data.

The new system identifies mobile phone users within 250 metres, identifies their name and mobile number, and sends pre-planned messages direct to them – prompting immediate opt-in action and response.  The system is ideal for pubs, clubs, bars, entertainment venues, restaurants, estate agents, fashion outlets, retail shops, professional service providers, sales people, marketing experts, seminar hosts, conference organisers, professional speakers and any business wishing to attract the attention of individuals within a specified geographical or local area.

I’m looking for potential distributors and customers.  If you would like to learn more, please contact me.  Don’t delay.


How are you using Social Networks in your business?

June 22, 2007

Once upon a time there was MySpace…

And the rest is history.  Marketers everywhere are scratching their heads wondering how to apply the magic to the business environment.  But they haven’t quite got it right yet.

You see, Community members aren’t really there to be bombarded with advertisements.  And heaven help anyone from a big Brand who ‘pretends’ to be a happy customer of a particular company – they soon get spotted and seen off.

So how can Social Networks be of benefit in the business world?  Until companies start to integrate Social Networking techniques into their service proposition (a subtle difference from advertising in Social networks) –  the easier they will find it to engage with consumers online.   And before they know it, they will be creating Community around their brand.

And the more value they add to that community, the more trust they will build and the more loyal customers will become.  And the more loyal they become, the more friends and business associates they will tell.  And so the wheel turns.

Social Networks are not just a big advertising platform.  They are a tool for adding value.  The more you give, the more you’ll get back.


A great community response to a great community site

June 22, 2007

What a great response to my post about Reuters Insight (below) – the new community website that helps businesses to start thinking about expanding and trading overseas.

I’m getting regular notes from people saying that they’ve signed up and are starting to use the site to get information on countries and business sectors that they’re interested in.  You can also ask questions within the community on issues that are important to you, and there’s usually someone who will come back with the answer you need.

If you’ve not yet seen this excellent site from Reuters, follow this link now.


Search Engine Wars – It’s getting tough out there

June 19, 2007

From a lot of the publicity recently, you would have been forgiven for thinking that Yahoo were starting to get back into their stride. But it seems that all is not that well, as their Chief Executive Terry Semel has quit his position and has been replaced by co-founder Jerry Yang.

The firm suffered a 16% fall in profits in the first three months of 2007, and it looks like they are struggling to match Google’s dominance in the market. According to the BBC, Yahoo still account for 36% of all online searches in the US – but some way behind Google’s share of almost 50%.

It will be interesting to see what Yahoo do now to try and regain share.  Serious creativity will be needed I think.


Live Blogging during Keynote Speeches or Seminars

June 18, 2007

Look out for more of this in the speaking world – a great way to keep speakers at the cutting edge and to create interactivity with an audience or people listening/participating online.  The people I’ve linked to above decided not to do it in the end, but I’ve done it about five times (here and here are examples) and it adds a completely new dimension to a presentation.


A good use of social media to help businesses expand and trade overseas

June 16, 2007

Reuters Insight

Here’s a great new idea from Reuters which has already attracted a lot of interest from businesses of all sizes.  I thought I would share it with you.

Reuters Insight is a new community website that helps businesses to start thinking about trading in other countries.  You’ll find background data on countries you’re interested in, together with detailed country profiles with all the economic, demographic, social and business information you need.  What’s more you can set up your profile so that the information you receive is relevant to just your specific needs.

There is information about it here, or you can go straight to the site at this link.

Even better is that it’s free.  Good luck and let me know how you get on.