This is Calvert New Media

May 11, 2007

Hi and welcome to the Blog for Calvert New Media Limited and Philip Calvert – a UK-based speaker, trainer, author and consultant recognised internationally as an expert in the areas of Internet Marketing, Online Social Networking, Advanced Presentation Skills and Seminar Selling.

Through books, seminars, keynote speeches and online business clubs, my goal is to educate, entertain, inspire and motivate businesses and individuals to boost their profits by:

  • Giving them a stronger, more visible profile on the Internet
  • Strengthening their professional networking skills
  • Making their business seminars and presentations more powerful
  • Teaching them how to integrate online networking and social media into their client communications.

We work with businesses and organisations both large and small that are looking to engage with their market through social networking, strategic blogging and other online media.    Our specialism is setting up and running personalised online business clubs where companies can interact with both existing and target customers.

Traditionally, companies have used websites to advertise at people.  But things are changing, because Social Media gives them the opportunity to interact and engage with them.  For example, take a look at the work we’re doing on Ecademy with these three organisations:

If you have a business where adding value is important to your client relationships, you could benefit by building your own online business club or client community.  Not only can you use your club to communicate with customers in a new and interactive way, but you’ll obtain feedback that is incredibly rich in its value to you.  To get an idea of the value you can get from this approach, have a look at this pre-planned Blog for Nokia which received over 170 valuable comments and was viewed by almost 7000 people. 

We all know that blogging can be a great way to get attention online and to raise the perception of your expertise – but pre-planned strategic blogging produces results in a different league.

CNM will even set up, host, moderate and run your club for you, working closely with you to maximise the opportunity it presents.  We’ll also arrange offline meetings and networking events to help you and your members engage at an even deeper level.  For many companies, engaging with their customers in an online forum or business club can feel like a big step, so we offer a consultancy service to identify the advantages, benefits – and disadvantages of this approach. 

I’m also available to speak at conferences, exhibitions and corporate events on how Social Networking should be at the heart of a company’s marketing and communication mix.  My approach is effective and results orientated.  Highly tailored workshops, keynotes, speeches and consulting services are promised to individuals and organisations world-wide.

If you’re a meeting planner, speaker bureau or conference organiser and looking for a proven, experienced and entertaining speaker on sales, marketing, networking and the Internet for conferences, workshops, sales conferences etc, please contact me through Ecademy or by email to or telephone to +44(0) 1483 548 666. 

Please come back for more soon.